How to Choose the Best Carpet Cleaning Company for Your Business

If you are going to present a pristine, responsible image to your customers or clients, then commercial carpet cleaning should be part of the routine maintenance of your store, office or warehouse. A spotless, well cared for carpet brands you as being respectable, prosperous and even luxurious, whereas a dirty or spotted carpet, or one that smells, conveys a less reliable and hygienic image.

Furthermore, working in an environment where commercial carpet cleaning is more frequent, boosts the morale and productivity of your employees, who are less likely to be distracted by bad smells, the unattractive look of old spotted carpets or allergies to mold.

Many companies and businesses decide to do their own carpet cleaning by renting do-it-yourself machines at a grocery or hardware store, but those do not accomplish the same kind of sanitization as commercial carpet cleaning.

If you are already using professional carpet cleaning, then you may only have them working for you on a sporadic basis. This is not as effective as having them in on a regular schedule that makes sure that your carpets are not worn down by soiling, wear-and-tear or mildew to the point you have to replace them.

At this point, you might be wondering where you should start when it comes to selecting a professional carpet cleaning company for your business. Here are five things that you should consider before hiring a cleaning company.

1 – An Affordable Customized Service Plan

Does the commercial carpet cleaning company offer you an affordable, customized service plan? The company should offer a variety of regular carpet cleaning services that includes annual cleaning of your entire area and weekly or monthly cleaning of your more frequently used areas.

The carpet cleaning company should be available to clean your carpets when your business is closed and the cleaning should not leave an offensive odour or residue from toxic cleaning materials. A great commercial carpet cleaning company will also be available to you at a moment’s notice to treat emergency spills or accidents that could cause permanent staining or lingering smells.

2 – Deep Vacuuming, Agitation and Hot Water Extraction

Does the company have a three-stage cleaning process that includes 1) deep vacuuming 2) machine agitation with a cleaning solution and 3) hot water extraction? Deep vacuuming removes dust and debris from the fibres and the agitation process helps loosens mould, mildew and deeply embedded dirt. The hot water extraction further cleans and sterilizes the carpet. All three of these processes must be in place to completely sanitize and restore a carpet.

3 – Spot Cleaning With Every Visit

Is spot cleaning and a treatment with a carpet protector included among the professional carpet cleaning services offered. Some companies may only give your carpet the once-over and not treat any spots or stains, which does not help improve its appearance. Look for a company that guarantees spot and stain removal along with each visit, as this will help your carpet look newer and more uniform in colour.

4 – Trustworthy Bonded Professionals

Are the employees that will be actually conducting the professional carpet cleaning services bonded? This is very important, as people you have never met will be in your building cleaning it. Bonding is a process by which the employees are obligated to pay for any damaged or missing property on your premises, thus protecting you from carelessness or theft. This also encourages service providers to be more careful as they clean the carpet and around equipment, cords and expensive furniture.

5 – Green Cleaning Services

Is the commercial carpet cleaning company a certified green cleaning service provider that avoids the use toxic chemicals? Look for a provider that offers environmentally friendly carpet cleaning solutions and avoid those that use toxic chemicals that can cause asthma, dermatitis and other illnesses for your customers and employees. Furthermore, an expert green carpet cleaning service will also be more likely to report health issues such a black mould hiding beneath your carpet’s under padding.

At JAN-PRO, we offer the dedication, flexibility of scheduling and bonded professional carpet cleaning services you are looking for as well as green three-stage carpet cleaning and spot cleaning.

For more information and to get a quote about our services to serve your unique carpet cleaning needs Call JAN-PRO Today at 1-866-974-3392.

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