How Much Does Retail Cleaning Cost?


If you operate a retail store, you understand that keeping it clean is very important. No matter what kind of retail operation it may be, a tidy and comfortable shopping environment is critical to your customers’ satisfaction. If your store isn’t kept clean, your clients will question the quality of the goods you sell.

It’s for that reason that engaging a professional retail cleaning services company could be one of the best business decisions you ever make.

Sure, that all sounds great, but you’re probably wondering about the cost. Many aspects will affect the cost of your retail store cleaning.


It probably goes without saying that the overall square footage of your store will be an important factor in determining the cost of cleaning. Many people mistakenly believe that it’s the only factor that influences the price. Indeed, it only provides a starting point.


A jewelry store with many display cases will require more time spent cleaning glass than other kinds of retail operations. Similarly, a store with lots of shelves and cabinets will demand more dusting.


Retail locations with carpeted flooring will require frequent vacuuming and regular steam cleaning, particularly if it’s a street location more so than a mall location. On the other hand, stores with tile or hardwood flooring will need to be mopped often and may also require occasional floor polishing.

Washrooms and other facilities

If your retail location offers public restrooms, these will have to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected frequently. Employee washrooms are not to be overlooked.

Some retail outlets have areas where food is prepared and served. It’s critical to keep these spaces clean and disinfected to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

Frequency Of Cleaning

Retail stores that get a great deal of foot traffic will be more likely to require cleaning services on a daily basis. Others, that are less heavily visited, may be well served by less frequent cleaning. This, too, will influence the monthly cost.

Other Important Considerations When Choosing A Cleaning Company

The cleaning crews will be given access to your retail location after business hours. It’s important that you can trust them with your valuable goods. Make sure your cleaning company is bonded to minimize the risk of theft. It’s also a good idea to find out if background checks have been performed on members of the cleaning team.

You’ll also want to protect your business against any possible liability should an accident take place. The commercial cleaning company taking care of your retail store cleaning should carry appropriate liability insurance.

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