How Much Does It Cost to Clean a Commercial Kitchen?


If you run a restaurant, you don’t need to be told how difficult it is to keep it clean. Even when you have your staff do a thorough nightly cleaning at closing time, you’ll see dirt and grime build-up in the corners of the kitchen quite quickly.

The same is true for the front of house – bathrooms, floors, and other areas might be cleaned regularly by your staff, but they still need some extra-special care from time to time. And when your team is too busy, they may be tempted to cut corners, which can be bad for business.

Commercial restaurant or kitchen cleaning services are needed for the health and safety of your customers, but what exactly is involved? Here’s a run-down of what to expect.

Restaurant Cleaning Services

Restaurants need particular types of cleaning, and the cost will depend on what exactly is required. Commercial cleaning companies can provide a range of services, including:  

  • Carpet cleaning including floor sweeping, vacuuming and deep cleaning
  • Floor polishing and buffing
  • Sanitizing surfaces (e.g., dining room)
  • Disinfecting stainless steel kitchen appliances
  • Window washing
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Scrubbing ovens and fridges
  • Cleaning stoves and other heavy-duty restaurant kitchen equipment
  • Bathroom care
  • General services like dusting and garbage removal


How to Find Quality Professional Restaurant Cleaners

If you’re looking to hire professional cleaners for the first time or you’re looking to switch companies, be very clear about your needs as you call around for quotes. Think about what your staff is realistically able to do (if anything), and bear in mind that some things might only be needed every few months.  


Check the credentials for the cleaning company including whether they have liability insurance as well as certificates for specific cleaning processes. You can also check for references or look at reviews online.

Try to also focus on companies that have some in-depth experience cleaning restaurants because it requires some pretty special needs and processes.

Ask to have a conversation with owners and managers instead of just calling around for basic quotes – after all, a dollar amount doesn’t always tell you much about how they determine their cleaning prices or manage their client relationships.    

Cost to Clean a Commercial Kitchen

Commercial kitchen cleaning can be quite intensive, and this is especially the case if you have large refrigerators, high ceilings, and multiple fans or vents, for instance. Costs will depend on the overall size, and some companies base their prices on square footage, while others will charge by the hour.

Some companies will be able to cover the whole restaurant, some may cover everything but your actual cooking equipment. Be sure to make your expectations very clear with whoever you get quotes from, and ultimately hire.

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