How Much Does Dental Office Cleaning Cost?


If you’re running a busy dentist’s office, you probably already know how difficult it can be to have reliable cleaning services that can manage not only the office area but also ensure optimal sanitization of treatment rooms. It’s crucial that healthcare practitioners can rely on their cleaners for healthy, sanitized environments.  


If you’re looking for medical or dental office cleaning, here’s a little more information about what a professional commercial cleaning company can do:


Preventing Cross-Contamination


Cleaning companies with experience in medical settings will take extra care to prevent cross-contamination, and this is especially true regarding sensitive areas like treatment rooms. One way that they accomplish this is by avoiding the use of cotton cloths, which can retain bacteria. Cross-contamination may also occur when cleaners are handling equipment after cleaning specific areas.    


When calling for quotes, ask about specific processes that companies use, even down to whether or not they use microfiber or cotton cloths. Microfiber cloths not only do a better job of cleaning, but they also remove 99% of bacteria.


Extra Care for Waiting Rooms and Offices


Aside from ensuring sanitization in sensitive areas, it’s essential that waiting rooms and reception areas have extra attention, especially in areas filled with children’s toys or even seating areas that have regular contact with people. These are high-risk areas for bacteria to build-up. Also having thorough office carpet cleaning procedures on a daily basis can lower the effects of nasty airborne allergies.   


To minimize the accumulation and spread of germs, make sure you have Kleenex and sanitizer accessible in reception areas and treatment rooms.  


Office Cleaning Rates


What does it cost to clean a dental office? Pricing will vary depending on the size and needs of your business. It will also depend on the number of special needs areas your office has and what extra supplies your office will require.


Cleaning rates will depend on the type of surface and task involved. For instance, a 5000-square foot office will probably take an hour to clean for a hard floor. But if there are specialty items, chairs, and desks to clean, it will take a lot longer.


Bear in mind that cleaning service costs will vary depending on the following factors:


  • Wages of cleaning staff
  • Type of equipment and supplies needed
  • Complexity of environment
  • The frequency of cleaning needs
  • Special needs and supplies


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