How JAN-PRO’s Spa Cleaning Services are Different from Other Services

If you own or manage a spa then you know that hiring the right spa cleaning services can be crucial to your commercial success. Individuals receiving spa treatments expect their environments to be as hygienic, uncluttered and serene as possible. They come to the space to relax and be rejuvenated, not disturbed by the sight of dirty floors or spotty carpets.

Regular spa cleaning can also prevent negative feedback on social media, such as remarks about the cleanliness of your floors or dust on your sills. Maybe one of the worst reviews a spa can earn is one that tells the story about how a customer caught an infection, such as Athlete’s foot, while walking on your stone floors.

A daily spa cleaning is part of aesthetics health standards and practices in Canada. Spa facilities must be sanitized, including the drains on any pools and pedicure tubs, shower walls and tiles and areas where personal and medical waste, such as hypodermics, are disposed. This helps to avoid the spread of infections of serious threats to public health such as spa pool folliculitis, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV and skin and nail fungus.

If you are cleaning your spa yourself, you may want to consider hiring a spa cleaning service, even periodically, to do a supplemental scheduled deep sanitization of your entire facility. If you are already employing a spa cleaning company, you might want to evaluate how they have been serving your needs to determine their practices fit in with the green cleaning protocols that are popular with customers today.

Here are some tips for hiring a spa cleaning service that will not only satisfy the health inspector but also create the kind of trust that will have your customers coming back to your spa business again and again.

Affordable, Reliable and Works With Your Schedule

Choose a spa cleaning company that is affordable and works with your schedule. The last thing guests at a spa want to see is a stringy mop pushing through your facility, as they are getting their nails done, having a facial or soaking in a hot tub. Your goal should be to have spa-cleaning experts in as often as possible and during a time when your spa is closed.

Uses Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly Products

Customers often want to know whether or not a spa uses green cleaners. This is because many spa-goers nowadays suffer from all kinds of environmental sensitivities and allergies to the chemicals found in most cleaners. The best spa cleaning services will be able to offer you non-toxic solutions for cleaning and sanitizing everything from your carpets, to your massage tables, to your hot tubs.

Offers Routine Drain Cleaning Services

The bacteria and funguses that can most greatly affect the health of your customers collects in the drains of sinks, toilets, hot tubs and pedicure sinks. To prevent outbreaks of Athlete’s Foot, bumps on their skin or even a deadly threat such as MRSA (flesh-eating bacteria) you need to hire a company that can use drain snakes, steam cleaning and a pressure washer to clear them. This will prevent bacteria from backing up into your sinks and tubs and the growth of smelly fungus and mould.

Detects and Solves Problems Before They Happen

It is best to hire spa cleaning experts who not only will alert you to any detected problem but they will also set a plan in motion to fix it for you. For instance, if the cleaner spots black mould in one of your showers, the company should bring it immediately to your attention. The best spa cleaning services will also polish and clean things that are not necessarily part of your agreement, if they feel that dirt is affecting the cleanliness or aesthetics of your place.

Bonded, Trustworthy Spa Cleaners

Always hire from a company that offers bonded spa cleaning services. You may have all kinds of expensive equipment in your spa including computers, aesthetic tools, auto-sterilizers and cosmetic injectables, as well as information about your company and clients that could be stolen. In addition your spa could be decorated with very expensive art and fixtures.

The bonded spa cleaning professional is less likely to damage your property or steal it because she or he has signed an agreement to pay for any loss or damages incurred while they are cleaning your spa.

If you are hiring an expert spa cleaning service then call JAN-PRO for a quote. We can offer your spa a routine that suits your schedule and budget and a regimen that keeps your spa in a pristine condition that supersedes the hygienic standards and practices as required by law. We can also offer special spa cleaning services as well as a guarantee of security, safety and satisfaction.

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