Great tips for keeping your office air clean

When you walk into the office every morning, do you find yourself sneezing due to the stuffiness of your office air? If so, this likely means that your office air isn’t as clean as it could be. Poor air quality can be a result of dust, germs, mold, humidity, or poor ventilation, which can affect the health of you, your customers, and your employees. So, how can you keep your office air clean?  Below are some tips to help you keep your air clean so you can provide the best possible environment for your customers and employees!

CLEANING: You are constantly surrounded by dust particles on your workplace surfaces including your desk, keyboard, kitchen, and more. All of these can affect the cleanliness of your office air. Hire a professional commercial cleaning service to ensure that these surfaces are not only kept clean but that the correct chemicals and equipment are being used on the appropriate surfaces!

MICROFIBER CLOTHS: When you use a regular duster, there is a large chance of the dust ending back up in the air. For this reason, JAN-PRO uses microfiber cloths to trap the dirt after a surface is cleaned. JAN-PRO takes it one step further by using colour-coded microfiber cloths. Using colour coded microfiber cloths for different surfaces ensures the prevention of cross-contamination so that dirt and dust particles are being trapped in the cloths rather than being spread to other surfaces and other areas of the facility.

ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS: JAN-PRO uses cleaning products that are eco-friendly and will not cause harm to your employees and customers after a clean has taken place. Using eco-friendly products ensures that no toxic residue is left in the air to be inhaled by those entering and working in your office space.

VACUUM: In regular vacuums, the dust and dirt collected can come back out of the vacuum to re-enter the air. JAN-PRO’s HEPA filter backpack vacuums have four filters in the base of the vacuum, so dirt, dust, and other debris and small particles are being trapped in the filters.  Clean air is then being returned into the environment, which in turn assists in keeping your office air clean as well as your floors and surfaces.

ENVIROSHIELD: Want an extra layer of cleanliness and disinfection in your office air? Our exclusive EnviroShield® total disinfection system kills up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses, which will help prevent and kill harmful bacteria from entering the airstream in your office. EnviroShield is non-toxic, leaves no residue, neutralizes smells and it is even safe to enter your facility immediately after a spray is completed.

AIR PURIFIERS: Air Purifiers are a great way to improve the cleanliness of your office air! Air purifiers use both a fan and a HEPA filter to capture and remove polluted airborne particles such as dust, germs, bacteria, as well as remove odour. Having an air purifier in your office will enhance the quality of air that your customers and employees are breathing in every day!

Overall, there are several ways to improve and keep your office air clean. However, one of the best ways to ensure you are getting the best air quality possible is to hire a professional office cleaning company! Reach out to your local JAN-PRO office today for more information on how to keep your office environment as clean as possible!

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