Cost per Square Foot for Cleaning an Industrial Building

Have you ever wondered what it costs for industrial cleaning services?


When it comes to industrial cleaning companies, not all are alike. They may use different products, different techniques, and different strategies for getting floors and other areas spic and span.


So, what should you look for when it comes to industrial and warehouse cleaning? Read on for some tips.




Because the size is the primary factor with cleaning, a lot of professional cleaning businesses charge per square foot, and prices can range.


This fee depends on the type of building, the overall size, and needs including the number of staff in your facility, as well as the types of surfaces. It also depends on the frequency of maintenance and any special requirements need in the facility. For instance, kitchens, elevators, washrooms, and extensive shelving will take up a lot of time compared with large expanses of clear floor space.


Prices will also depend on how much foot traffic you have. Some industrial spaces may not be public, meaning that sanitization processes may be different. At the same time, if an area contains an array of delicate or specialized machinery you can plan on a higher cost.

Other Factors That Will Affect Cost


As far as expenses go, you’ll want to consider that floor cleaning is pretty specialized and to that end, you’ll want to stay clear of prices that seem “too good to be true.” Why? Companies need to pay for quality labour. Therefore, prices will be higher for teams that are bonded and highly qualified. Also, extra costs will go to high-quality equipment and industrial cleaning products, and floor care programs.


You’ll also need to bear in mind that specialized flooring may require extra special attention and more frequent care. Generally, any service that includes special maintenance treatment such as buffing or waxing will cost more.


Disinfecting processes in areas such as washrooms and industrial kitchens, as well as degreasing or cleaning areas like rafters, which are difficult to reach, will add to your cleaning costs for your industrial building.


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