Cleaning Checklist: 5 Things Your Cleaners Should Do on Every Visit

Imagine if your customers came into your place of business and saw dirty floors, smudges on windows and overflowing trash bins. If left unchecked, these customers may not be customers for very long. Keeping up with the cleanliness of your store or office space can be difficult on your own. That’s why many business owners choose to hire professional cleaning companies to maintain their space.

While businesses with cleaners often fare better than those without, it’s important to develop a cleaning checklist in either case. Your cleaning checklist should take several factors into consideration, including the industry and type of business you operate. However, regardless of your industry, there are certain cleaning tasks that are essential. The following information outlines some of the most important tasks to be completed on each cleaning visit. 


Simply put, each trash receptacle in your building should be emptied on every single visit from your cleaner. When your customers see overflowing trash cans, this presents a negative image. This perception can also extend into how you will handle their business in your respective professional capacity.

To solve this problem, emptying out trash cans should always be at the top of your cleaning checklist. In addition to placing this task at the top of your cleaning checklist, you can suggest your employees do not put food or liquids in the trash cans to preserve trash bags and reduce the environmental impact of your business. On the other hand, you should instruct your cleaner to always change the trash can liners whenever food or liquids are left in the liners. As a result, you will eliminate any associated odors.


As a clear indication of your respect for your customers, your bathrooms must be cleaned on every cleaning visit. On the cleaning checklist, you should make sure your bathrooms are always swept and mopped. All sinks, counters, mirrors and toilets should be thoroughly cleaned. You should also ensure all urinals have urinal deodorizer blocks placed in them and toilets disinfected with a deodorizer. It’s also a great practice to make sure some sort of air refresher is used to leave a clean scent in the bathroom.

Vacuum or Sweep

It’s imperative that the floors of your business are kept clean. While clean floors just look better, a clean floor also offers several different health benefits. When trash, dirt, and other debris is allowed to build up on your floor, you are essentially allowing harmful allergens to build up. These allergens can cause complications for people with allergies and respiratory problems. Make sure that your cleaners vacuum, sweep and mop floors on a regular basis to prevent buildup of allergens and to keep them looking great.


Even if your cleaners wipe and clean all surfaces in your space, most businesses should opt for additional protection from harmful pathogens, especially during flu season. Instead of allowing one person to infect your entire workforce, you should add JAN-PRO’s innovative EnviroShield to your cleaning checklist. EnviroShield is a revolutionary electrostatic spray disinfectant system. By adding an electrostatic charge to the powerful disinfecting solution, EnviroShield actually clings and surrounds any surface it comes in contact with. As a result, EnviroShield kills harmful viruses and bacteria, such as Swine Flu, MRSA, Legionella, Salmonella, Listeria, E.coli, and several others.


Another essential component of your cleaning checklist are your windows. Since fingerprints and smudge marks in your windows can greatly damper the appearance of your office or retail space, having your windows cleaned on each visit will guarantee your facility has a clean and professional appearance.

If you are ready to an office cleaning company who will complete your cleaning checklist every time, contact JAN-PRO today. We’d be happy to discuss your cleaning needs and create a checklist that suits your exact requirements.

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