Carpet Care: Principles of Carpet Care





In the first article, we discussed the principles and principles of carpet maintenance (chemical action, heat, mechanical action and time). The second article will deal this time with methods of cleaning carpets and rugs, considerations and tools necessary to perform them.

Before starting, it would be wise to evaluate some factors that may influence the choice of the method and especially, the results.


Inspect the area of ​​carpet to be cleaned and consider the following factors (some factors only occur after cleaning):






















Before proceeding with a deep cleaning or using one of the methods that will be described later, it is recommended to take into account the preceding considerations. Always start by removing stains and follow by vacuuming the surface to rid the surface of any debris before cleaning.


There are several ways to clean carpets and get genuine results. There are complete guides describing these. For simplification purposes, here is a brief summary of 5 cleaning methods.

Performed with a portable cleaner or truckmount unit


First vacuum and apply preconditioning agent. Hot water and detergent are injected into carpet at high pressure. Solution and soil are extracted in a wastewater recover tank.

The driest of all carpet cleaning methods


Vacuum first. Organic or synthetic absorbent carrier with solvents is applied and agitated into the carpet. Immediately after agitation, vacuuming removes carrier along with absorbed soils.
Minimum moisture for interim cleaning


Vacuum first. Spray detergent directly to carpet. Absorbs soils with spin action using a (usually) cotton bonnet pad. Flip pad when completely soiled; remove after both are completely soiled.

This method is in the
shampoo category



Encapsulant detergents are applied with a sprayer system or by a shampoo machine. A liquid that permeates into the carpet and surrounds fibers, crystallizing into a solid as it dries. After drying encapsulant is vacuumed away along with soils. Continues cleaning carpet with future vacuuming.



Minimum-moisture method

Vacuum first. A reel-type machine applies aerated foam to carpet. Foam and soils are removed with wet vacuum.




These techniques are basically quite simple and allow results that can vary depending on the chosen method. The best results are obtained with hot water extraction. However, you can have different objectives that can be achieved with other methods.



To maximize the results of these techniques, use the following tools:

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