Calgary Owners Win Top Award

janprologoJAN-PRO, internationally ranked leader in the commercial cleaning industry, is pleased to announce that Nida and Nixon Ranjo of the company’s Calgary office, have been selected as recipients of the 2013 Unit Franchisee of the Year award, from over 10,000 franchisees around the world.  This award is given annually to an exceptional franchise owner in JAN-PRO’s system.

The Ranjos dedication to JAN-PRO ideals of strong customer service and growth are a small part of their amazing story.  Born and raised in the Philippines, Nida and Nixon had difficulty providing a full life for their family in their native country. The result was that Nida left the family to work as a nanny in Hong Kong and Calgary, while Nixon raised their two small children as a single dad.  Finally, after enduring eight years of separation in pursuit of a better quality of life for their two children, they were reunited and  settled in Calgary.

Calgary was very different way of life for Nixon and the children.  Nida was working 2 jobs and had no time to spend together as a family.  Nida had heard about JAN-PRO and decided to investigate owning a franchise with JAN-PRO.  After a few weeks of deliberation, Nida and Nixon purchased a small JAN-PRO franchise in March 2011.

Nida and Nixon brought the same drive and determination they had displayed in the Philippines to their JAN-PRO business.  They provided a high level of cleaning and exceptional customer service to their customers and slowly grew their business.  Today, they have 8 customers around Calgary and have grown to the point they have a full time flourishing business.

Bruce Weaver, Owner and President of JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems of Calgary, nominated the Ranjos for this prestigious annual award.  “The thing I enjoy most about owning JAN-PRO in Calgary is the ability to help good people achieve success and reach their goals.  Nida and Nixon exemplify our ability to change lives.  The sacrifices they made as a family as they sought a better life for themselves is simply mind boggling.  Seeing them today happy and confident with a successful business, debts paid and looking to buy their own house in Calgary gives me tremendous pride.  I could go on about Nida and Nixon’s accomplishments as business owners, but the admiration I have for them as people is greater than any business relationship”, says Weaver.  “The Calgary office is extremely fortunate to have them as part of the JAN-PRO family”.

For their part, the Ranjos count being a JAN-PRO Franchisee as one of the best decisions they have made.  According to Nida, “our decision to be part of the JAN-PRO franchise is the fulfillment of our goal to spend more quality time as a family and achieve financial freedom.  JAN-PRO has allowed us to provide the needs of our children – financially, emotionally, socially and mentally.  It gives us the chance to grow our business at our own pace and the support from the JAN-PRO Calgary office has been amazing – they are like our second family.  We remain very determined to keep growing our business and to bring our siblings into the business so they can experience the same benefits we have through JAN-PRO.”

Their dedication has truly determined Nida and Nixon’s success.  “Nixon and I have great teamwork and we are both results orientated.  I strive for a consistent quality of work and to build a good relationship with my customers.  I try to put myself in the position of my customers so I can determine their needs and expectations.  We are inspired by our goals in life and by owning our own business.  Being a JAN-PRO Franchisee is truly an honour.”

With over ninety offices worldwide and over 10,000 franchise owners,  JAN-PRO is consistently recognized as one of the premiere service companies in the world today. Most recently, Entrepreneur Magazine 2013 ranked JAN-PRO as the #1 Commercial Cleaning Franchise and the Fastest-Growing Franchise in the world today.  In Calgary, JAN-PRO’s 90 plus Franchisee’s provide professional cleaning services to over 300 businesses.  With the dedication and commitment of our Franchisee’s like Nida and Nixon, JAN-PRO truly is “The Last Cleaner You’ll Ever Hire.”

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