8 Often Missed Spots You MUST Clean in Your Office

cleaning-officeYour office is, in a way an extension of your personality. The people who walk into your office for the first time often judge you and your company by the appearance and cleanliness of your office. A neat, clean and elegant looking office improves your credibility while a cluttered and dirty office has the opposite effect. A clean and beautiful office space is also conducive to a good mood and keeps you and your employees motivated to work.

But those are not the only reasons you should keep your office neat and clean. It is where you spend a large chunk of your day and its cleanliness has a direct effect on your health. So keeping your office clean at all times should be one of your priorities. However, there are many important spots in an office that people generally miss when cleaning.

Here are 8 often missed spots you must clean in your office:

  1. Under the chairs and tables: The undersides of your chairs and tables are among the most neglected places when it comes to cleaning. This area is a magnet for dust and microbes. If you duck under your table and take a look at it, you will probably see its surface covered with dust and its corners decorated with cobwebs.
  2. Doorknobs: Doorknobs are a well-known host to bacteria and germs, and also one of the most often touched parts of your office. Stop the spread of illness by ensuring your doorknobs are disinfected often. Clean doorknobs will reduce your employees’ sick days!
  3. Under the carpet: The carpet looks clean and beautiful from above, but it often acts as the perfect cover for a thick layer of dust hiding underneath. Move area rugs out of the way and always clean the floor underneath.
  4. Ceiling fans and wall fans: If you have ceiling fans and wall fans, take a good look at them and chances are their blades are covered with a thick layer of grime and dust. This is because they are often neglected and not cleaned for years.
  5. Air conditioners: By the nature of its work, the air conditioner attracts all the dust floating in the air in your office. But you rarely think of cleaning it and leave it in the hands of the service technician who comes maybe once a year. As a result, it is often filled with a thick layer of dust, compromising its effectiveness and your office’s air quality.
  6. Computers and printers: Computers and printers are used every day, but are often not cleaned. If you turn the keyboard upside down and give it several taps, you will notice a handful of debris will fall on the floor. The surface of your mouse is also something that should be disinfected on a regular basis to halt the spread of bacteria.
  7. Telephone set: You cannot do without the telephone at work, but you also have to remember to clean and disinfect it. The buttons are a storehouse for dust and debris from constant use. More importantly, the receiver can get covered with grime and grease from being against the user’s face.
  8. Light Fixtures: The top of hanging light fixtures or the inside of a floor lamp or desk lamp is often covered with a thick layer of dust. Because we can’t see these areas, we often forget to clean them! Give your light fixtures a quick wipe with a damp cloth periodically to reduce this dust buildup.

As a professional office cleaning company, JAN-PRO will clean all of these often overlooked spots in your office to ensure they are just as clean as the rest of your space. A thorough and efficient cleaning team is the key to a healthier and more productive workplace sure to impress clients. Contact JAN-PRO today to learn more about our custom cleaning service solutions.

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