7 of the most heavily contaminated surfaces in your offices

Your office may get cleaned once or several times a week, but there are certain frequently touched surfaces in your office that may need more attention due to the bacteria left behind on those surfaces. Read on below to find out seven of the most heavily contaminated surfaces in your office!


You use your keyboard every day, but how often does your keyboard get cleaned? Think about how often you touch your keyboard and what you touch in a day. Everything that you touch ends up on your keyboard including germs, food debris, and more. Cleaning and also disinfecting your keyboard and desk area is something that you can do yourself daily in addition to your regular office cleaning.


Your phone does not only absorb germs and debris from your hands, but also from your face when you are talking on the phone. Make sure that you and/or your office cleaners are cleaning all surfaces of your desk phone, not just the outside. And what about your cellphone? The same applies! Daily wiping and disinfecting can keep your cellphones bacteria count down.

3.Door Handles

How many door handles do you or your co-workers touch in a day?  The door to your office, bathroom door, refrigerator door, microwave door, and probably more. Your commercial cleaning company should be thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing and/or disinfecting door handles in addition to other frequently touched areas.

4.Light Switches

Light switches are another frequently touched surface as many people in your office are likely touching it with their hands, leaving behind germs and other bacteria. As such, light switches should be disinfected on a regular basis to prevent cross-contamination.

5.Shared Office Equipment

Shared office equipment such as photocopiers, printers, and scanners are being used daily. The buttons and touch screens on this equipment are smaller surfaces and can be easily missed during a clean. Make sure your commercial cleaning company is paying special attention to all frequently touched areas in your office, no matter how small.


Everyone in your office is in the kitchen using sinks and counters at least once a day. If there is a surface that has had any contact with food, it needs to be sanitized to ensure that there is no cross-contamination. JAN-PRO uses colour-coded microfiber cloths to prevent cross-contamination of germs and bacteria onto other surfaces.

7.Coffee Makers/Kettles

Another highly contaminated surface in your kitchen is coffee makers and kettles. Throughout the day, you and your colleagues are making coffee or other beverages using the same machines. Make sure that your office cleaning company is paying extra attention to those smaller kitchen surfaces to prevent any cross-contamination.

Apart from those mentioned above, there are several other surfaces in your office that are heavily contaminated with germs and other bacteria. Your commercial cleaning service provider should be thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces, especially those that are frequently touched. JAN-PRO offers our exclusive EnviroShield Total Disinfection Service, which is an electrostatic disinfection spray technology that wraps around all surfaces to disinfect. EnviroShield can be used on hard-to-reach surfaces, objects, and other areas that other disinfection technology cannot reach. Reach out to JAN-PRO today to inquire about our commercial cleaning and/or disinfection services!

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