5 Ways a Clean Office Can Boost Productivity

clean-office-productivityFor most businesses, expensive marketing, innovative strategies and offering high quality products or services are great ways to be successful. But there’s a thread that ties through all the facets of your company, and that is a clean office. Cleanliness improves mood and in turn, encourages your employees to work hard. Here are some of the major ways a clean workspace and increase productivity.

Sick days can cost the public sector up to 3.5 billion dollars a year in lost productivity and revenue, according to a new report by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. An office that is cleaned on a regular basis can help cut down on your employees’ sick days by offering a healthy, germ-free space to work in. A clean office means fewer people going home sick.

Another benefit of a clean office is that your employees will be more inclined to come to work and perform their duties well. An office that is cluttered, grimy, with overflowing and smelly garbage cans is not only a health hazard, but eliminating those eyesores will increase morale. By turning your office into a more inviting and bright place each morning you will have employees more eager to arrive at work each morning and be productive.

Keeping your equipment clean is something that is often overlooked as well. Not only should your communal equipment (Printers, photocopiers, fax machines, etc) be sanitized regularly they should also be cleaned and maintained to prevent breakages, which result in losses in efficiency and productivity. All electrical machines need to be dusted regularly to prevent fires and other damages.

Does your office look like a bomb just went off? A cluttered workspace is one of the biggest causes of workplace stress. Productivity comes from happy employees working in organized spaces. Ever spent too long trying to find something that should have been easy to find? Take those minutes in your day, multiply by the number of coworkers you have, and you can start to see how much time is lost each day trying to deal with the effects of an unclean office.

Not only will your employees love your clean office, so will your customers. Customer satisfaction will increase as a result of your clean office, even if no customers actually see the office. Your employees’ happiness is directly related to the quality of service they provide to your customers. Not only that, you won’t need to be worried about surprise visits by any clients, management, or supervisors you may have. They’ll be very impressed by how smooth things are running and the cleanliness of your office.

There are many reasons as to why a cleaner office will result in increased efficiency in running your business. All of which are incredibly easy to implement, and will increase your quality of life as well as your bottom line.

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