5 Top Benefits of Daycare Cleaning Services

Cleaning requirements for a daycare are different than most other types of businesses. The health of your staff, parents, and children are optimized by scheduled and consistent cleaning and sanitizing. Green cleaning materials protect your business and the people in it from exposure to harmful chemicals. Specialized floor care is important, especially for children and workers who spend time with activities at floor level.

Infection control through special disease fighting and sanitizing green chemicals, and emergency clean up kits give parents the confidence that they are leaving their child in a safe environment. Finally, daycare cleaning services are well versed in regulations that government agencies expect daycare facilities to operate within. Having a cleaning company helping you manage the cleanliness of your daycare takes one less concern off your shoulders.

Protecting Your Client’s Health

The environment of a daycare can be a germ playground because of the nature of exposing a group of children and adults to each other. Infectious diseases may spread easily, especially if cleanliness standards are not up to the requirements placed on child care facilities. Hiring a service that is educated about fulfilling the requirements of keeping a daycare clean, promotes the health of everyone who comes in contact with your business and the people who use it.

Green Cleaning Materials

Your cleaning service provider should be able to clean your facility with green chemicals and practices. Even certain types of hospital grade cleaning materials clean effectively and are healthier for people and the environment. JAN-PRO, one of Canada’s leading cleaning companies, uses these chemicals and other cleaning practices to keep their services green; we  use microfiber cloths, HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners, and paper products classified as environmentally friendly.

Special Floor and Surface Care

Daycare cleaning service providers should be specially trained to recognize and sanitize the hot spots for germs in a child care environment.

  • The floor is the biggest offender, especially for small children and daycare workers that play and do activities at floor level.
  • Toys, door handles, desktops, and play areas are locations that need to be cleaned to prevent the spread of illness.

Green Cleaning and Following Regulations

Using green cleaning techniques are possible in a child care situation.

  • Microfiber cloths are one example of preventing the use of harmful chemicals to clean and throwing away lots of paper waste. These cloths are more effective at picking up dust, and they can be re-washed to keep waste out of the landfill.
  • Strong odor chemicals are not used in green cleaning, yet those that are used are just as effective, but better for you, your clients, and the environment.
  • When you choose daycare cleaning services, make sure that the company you have selected to clean does so in compliance with the strict standards required of a daycare.

Having a partner to manage the cleaning of your facility will help you ensure that you are meeting cleanliness requirements for your business. This will lift some of the weight off your shoulders so you can spend more time on the things that matter most in your  daycare

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