3 Reasons JAN-PRO is one of the Top Franchises in Canada

13209629_sThe work environment that you provide for your employees is just as important to their productivity as the amount they earn and the incentives they receive. Job satisfaction is much easier to achieve in a clean, tidy and ordered environment where employees can always find what they need. Hiring a cleaning company is essential to this process.

However, it is important to ensure that you hire the right cleaning company who will meet your business’s needs. It is easy to achieve this when you hire JAN-PRO, one of the top franchises in Canada. Here are just three of the reasons why JAN-PRO has earned that title.

Unsurpassed affordability

Your cleaning budget is unique to your business and depends on the size of your company, office space, the number of employees, type of business, and your cash flow. The best cleaning company for your business is one that understands this and can offer a competitive pricing structure that suits your individual needs. JAN-PRO does just that, offering a monthly price that starts at $225 and a service that can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Affordability does not stop at the client side of the equation. One of the reasons that JAN-PRO has won such acclaim is because it is affordable for franchisees as well. You can add your name to the list of over 10,000 other franchisees without breaking the bank before you get started.

Taking trustworthy to a new level

As well as having your business space cleaned to the highest standards, you also need to know that you can trust the individuals that are undertaking the job. Cleaners are often in the office either before the staff arrives or after they leave, which means that they are alone, potentially in areas that include access to sensitive information and expensive equipment. There are two ways to ensure the safety of your business when it comes to cleaners. Since following your cleaners around is highly impractical and not likely to result in very high standards of cleaning, you need to hire a team you can trust; such as a team of fully-vetted cleaners from JAN-PRO. Every JAN-PRO franchisee undertakes a criminal background check before taking up any work. They are also bonded, insured, and WSIB compliant.

Trustworthiness has to work both ways and JAN-PRO works hard to develop good relationships with each of its franchisees. We provide unsurpassed training, technology, and equipment to ensure that every franchise can provide the service that clients expect from JAN-PRO.

Setting new standards

Just as no two offices are the same, neither are any two ideas about what constitutes cleanliness. However, JAN-PRO has the winning formula; we will seek to exceed any expectations of cleanliness you may have. All members of our cleaning team take pride in their work and are dedicated to meeting your cleaning needs.

Each franchise is an owner-operated business, and how happy you are with the service is directly related to how well their business does. Each operator is fully trained and certified in a range of cleaning processes, including green cleaning and disinfecting. They are also trained in customer service and business management. Not only does this mean they can run their own franchises more effectively, but it also gives them a better understanding of the needs of the businesses that hire their cleaners.

JAN-PRO has been creating new franchises and supporting businesses with cleaning excellence for the past 20 years. Both franchisees and clients benefit from high standards of training and our comprehensive national service guarantee. We have been listed as one of the top four franchises in the country, and with the high standards we employ it is not difficult to see why our tag line is “The last cleaner you’ll ever hire.”

For more information on how to open your own JAN-PRO franchise or to get a free quote, contact us today!

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