2020 Marks 25 Years of JAN-PRO in Canada!

Although 2020 is not the year anyone had in mind, we cannot let it slip away without celebrating the 25th anniversary of JAN-PRO of Canada!

JAN-PRO was first created by Jacques L. Lapointe in the United States in 1991. A native to Quebec, it made sense that Canada’s first JAN-PRO market was opened in Quebec City by Jean Roberge in 1995. Roberge would eventually become the country owner in Canada and the CEO of the JAN-PRO of Canada we know today.

JAN-PRO Systems International has several markets around the world, including Brazil, Mexico, Australia to name a few, but Canada, however, is the most successful international market. Steady and strategic growth has allowed the brand to flourish and greater expand to key markets within Canada. With 24 locations, JAN-PRO of Canada covers most major cities coast-to-coast and continues to grow.

By its 10th anniversary, JAN-PRO of Canada had grown to cover Quebec, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver. It wasn’t until the opening of the Halifax location in 2011 that JAN-PRO of Canada officially became a coast-to-coast franchise based commercial cleaning company. Since then JAN-PRO has worked to grow and expand beyond the largest metropolitan areas, be present in most provinces, and service the smaller towns and cities in between. These markets are operated by our committed and dedicated Regional Developers/Owners who are working hard with their local business owners to satisfy their customers.

With steady growth, JAN-PRO of Canada has always been committed to giving back wherever possible, especially within our communities. We owe so much to our franchise owners, that is why we have a scholarship program, JAN-PRO’s Your Family First Scholarship. Through this program, each office across Canada is able to grant awards to franchise owners, spouses, or dependent children for undergraduate and graduate studies. A lot of business owners start their business for this reason, so this is an important program run every fall. JAN-PRO Systems International also runs a Certified Business Owner of the year program, where the entire JAN-PRO submits their best of the best! This recognizes the hard work and the amazing businesses these individuals run.

In 2016, JAN-PRO of Canada became a partner of Breakfast Club of Canada. Breakfast Club of Canada feeds more than 250,000 nutritious breakfasts daily at over 1800 schools throughout Canada, making sure children have an equal chance to learn and helping children reach their full potential. JAN-PRO runs a variety of programs throughout the year to gather donations for Breakfast Club of Canada.

25 years in business is a great accomplishment for anyone and JAN-PRO of Canada is proud of its growth, longevity, and every single person that has contributed to this. Jean Roberge, CEO of JAN-PRO of Canada reflects on the 25th anniversary:

“When we founded JAN-PRO of Canada in Quebec City 25 years ago, we were dreaming of having a few places of businesses with many operators serving thousands of customers but honestly, we didn’t know at that time what it could be… Today, we have more than 1,700 certified business operators serving 8,500 customers nearly daily in 24 different markets in the country, from coast-to-coast with more to open in 2021. All while still maintaining a quality rating of 4.6 stars! We are the commercial cleaning and disinfection service provider with the largest coverage and scope in Canada and we are proud of our team!”

Thank you to all certified business owners, office employees, and corporate employees that have contributed to this anniversary!

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