Questions To Ask A Cleaning Service

Finding the right commercial cleaning company to serve your business can be a difficult task. Many business owners and office managers are simply unsure about how to choose a cleaning service. We have prepared some important questions to ask when hiring a cleaner. 1. Are You Bonded And Insured? Workers will be completing clean…
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Why Are Cleaners Important?

These days, companies are continuously looking for new and different ways to reduce costs. We know of some that have gone as far as to cancel their regular cleaning services, deciding instead to impart the task to its employees. Although such a decision may be understandable in the current economic environment, let’s take a clo…
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How much does office cleaning cost?

The value of keeping a clean and tidy work environment for your employees is just about priceless. An office that isn’t kept clean on a regular basis can result in allergies, and other health-related issues for employees, not to mention lower company morale. People seeking a new commercial office cleaning company for their work…
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The Five Benefits of Choosing JAN-PRO for Your Office Cleaning Services

Having a reliable, efficient and trustworthy company such as JAN-PRO, which offers a full spectrum of office cleaning services is necessary to help your office maintain a professional, clean image and keep your employees happy and healthy. JAN-PRO offers office building managers and business management professionals a full spect…
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Top 5 Reasons to Consider Cleaning Services For Your Residential Building

Being the owner or manager of an apartment or condo building means routine residential cleaning services such as the cleaning of parking lots, laundry rooms, hallways, stairwells, lobbies and the surrounding yards. Residential building cleaning services such as mopping and sanitizing public areas need to be done on a daily basi…
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The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Hotel Cleaning Services

Trying to decide if you need to trade in your current in-house hotel cleaning staff for outsourced hotel cleaning services? The fact is that outsourcing your hotel cleaning to a professional company has both advantages and disadvantages depending on quite a few factors. The Pros of Outsourcing Your Hotel Cleaning Services 1 …
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10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Cleaning Company – JAN-PRO Canada

If you know that you have to outsource the maintenance of your business then you might be wondering how to choose a cleaning company. Many factors can affect this decision, including the size and nature of your business and your hours of operation. To assist you, here is a cleaning company checklist that outlines the questions …
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Why Cleaning Services for Your Restaurant is a Must-Have

Restaurant cleaning services are an absolute must if you want to maintain business in a manner that not only meets public health standards, but also earns you excellent reviews in the newspapers and on social media. The success of a restaurant is also often by word-of-mouth and if people hear that your dining establishment is d…
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How JAN-PRO’s Spa Cleaning Services are Different from Other Services

If you own or manage a spa then you know that hiring the right spa cleaning services can be crucial to your commercial success. Individuals receiving spa treatments expect their environments to be as hygienic, uncluttered and serene as possible. They come to the space to relax and be rejuvenated, not disturbed by the sight of di…
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How to Choose the Best Carpet Cleaning Company for Your Business

If you are going to present a pristine, responsible image to your customers or clients, then commercial carpet cleaning should be part of the routine maintenance of your store, office or warehouse. A spotless, well cared for carpet brands you as being respectable, prosperous and even luxurious, whereas a dirty or spotted carpet…
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Bonded & Insured

Liability Insurance, Security Bond and Comprehensive Background [...]

9 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Company’s Janitorial Services

Outsourcing your office’s cleaning services is a strategic [...]


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