How Much Does Restaurant Cleaning Cost?

Most diners don’t even notice when they enter a restaurant that is especially clean. They will, however, appreciate the warm and inviting ambiance. On the other hand, the average diner will notice if there’s dust or dirt in a restaurant’s dining room. A thorough and complete cleaning of your restaurant is not only crucial for i…
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When To Hire A Janitorial Service

  No matter if you run an office, a restaurant, a retail store or a commercial building, the cleanliness of your work environment should be of primary importance to you. After all, nobody likes to work in a messy workspace. Maybe you haven’t been satisfied with the company that has been providing you with your janitorial c…
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Clean To Prevent Contamination

In our working and living environments, we do not always realize that we can serve as vectors for the transmission of germs to our co-workers and even to visitors. Here are some tips to limit the spread of germs. Limit cross-contamination Cross-contamination is the process by which microorganisms involuntarily transfer fro…
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Why Outsource Cleaning Services?

Dusting, vacuuming, and generally keeping your office space clean is a thankless and arduous job. However, it’s also very important to have an orderly and well-kept work environment for the sake of your employees’ health and safety as well as your company’s reputation. Maybe, so far, you’ve been devoting a portion of your time …
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How Much Does Retail Cleaning Cost?

If you operate a retail store, you understand that keeping it clean is very important. No matter what kind of retail operation it may be, a tidy and comfortable shopping environment is critical to your customers’ satisfaction. If your store isn’t kept clean, your clients will question the quality of the goods you sell. It’s for…
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Benefits Of Professional Cleaning Services

Do you have a small to midsize business that has experienced growth lately? Perhaps, until recently, you’ve been able to keep your work environment tidy with the help of your employees, but now the task has grown to be too much. If that’s the case, it’s time to consider hiring a professional cleaning company. Although it may re…
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How Much Do Cleaning Companies Charge Per Square Foot For Cleaning?

There’s no doubt that cleaning services are of a primary importance to any company. Properly maintained office spaces can help reduce illnesses and allergies, improve employee morale, and reflect more positively on your company’s reputation. If you’ve ever dealt with cleaning companies, you know that the prices they charge can …
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How To Select A Janitorial Service

Are you looking for a professional janitorial service provider for your work environment? Perhaps you have been less than satisfied with the cleaning services you have received in the past or feel that you have been paying too much. To help you find an excellent cleaning company, we have prepared this quick and easy guide. Look…
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Questions To Ask A Cleaning Service

Finding the right commercial cleaning company to serve your business can be a difficult task. Many business owners and office managers are simply unsure about how to choose a cleaning service. We have prepared some important questions to ask when hiring a cleaner. 1. Are You Bonded And Insured? Workers will be completing clean…
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Why Are Cleaners Important?

These days, companies are continuously looking for new and different ways to reduce costs. We know of some that have gone as far as to cancel their regular cleaning services, deciding instead to impart the task to its employees. Although such a decision may be understandable in the current economic environment, let’s take a clo…
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Bonded & Insured

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9 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Company’s Janitorial Services

Outsourcing your office’s cleaning services is a strategic [...]


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