How to Clean a Water Cooler
How to Clean a Water Cooler

Clean and Sanitize Your Water Cooler Regularly We are aware of the many necessary health benefits that come from drinking filtered or treated water. In many offices, that clean and clear water comes from a bottled water cooler. However, if you don’t take the time to make sure that the water cooler itself is clean,… Read More

carpet cleaning instructions
Carpet Cleaning

How to Clean Carpet Carpets and rugs are certainly the most common type of flooring in common areas of condominium complexes and office buildings. Hence the importance of knowing as much as possible about this type of flooring and its maintenance. Although they are available in many forms, made from different fibers and constructed according… Read More

how to clean stainless steal
How to Clean Stainless Steel

Clean Your Stainless Steel Appliances With the Right Cleaning Products It’s no question that stainless steel kitchen appliances add a sleek, contemporary quality to your modern kitchen. However, stainless steel surfaces present unique challenges. First, they are hard to keep clean, as they usually experience heavy use and traffic. Second, a stainless steel surface is… Read More

The Best Business Opportunities In Edmonton

Best Opportunities for Small Business Owners It’s one thing to decide to become your own boss. It’s another thing to decide what business idea and what business model are most appealing and likely to be profitable. There are a number of business opportunities in Edmonton, but it’s hard to know where to start. Consider your… Read More

how to clean laminate floors
How to Clean Laminate Floors

Learn How to Clean Laminate Floors Properly Laminate flooring is a great choice in high-traffic rooms, whether at home or at the office. They are stylish, functional, and durable flooring materials. Laminate also stands up to wear and tear, as long as you know how to clean laminate floors correctly. Hardwood Floors vs. Wood Laminate… Read More

How to Clean your Computer Keyboard

  It is essential to clean your computer keyboard regularly because keyboards attract dust, retain dirt and even carry germs. If the keyboard is used by several people, it easily becomes a harbor that facilitates the transmission of microbes from everyone’s fingers; even with a single user. Your keyboard is the receiver or transmitter of… Read More

how to clean grout
How to Clean Grout

How to Clean Grout and Keep It Clean Grout is one of those subtle elements in your decor. When it is clean and in good shape, you barely notice it. Grout ties in your decor and makes your tile floors look polished and well taken care of. However, when it gets dirty or discoloured, it… Read More

how to clean your office keurig
How to Clean your Office Keurig®

Make Sure You Always Have Great Coffee by Maintaining Your Office’s Keurig® Keurig® coffee makers are a fixture in many workplaces and homes because of their convenience and affordability. If you enjoy a warm, refreshing treat during your workday, you’ll love having a single-serve coffee machine like a Keurig in your office. Heading to the… Read More

post construction cleaning
Post-Construction Cleaning

Rely on Professional Construction Cleaning Services Renovating your home, office, or building from scratch is exciting. It gives you a chance to completely reinvent your professional or personal space. However, with construction comes a lot of mess. There’s a lot of waste, dust, and other material that can linger in your home or office if… Read More

dirtiest spots in an office
Dirtiest Spots in an Office – What Might Surprise You

Anytime you put a range of different people in a confined space for eight hours a day, it’s going to get dirty. Some offices may only have a handful of people, while others have 20, 50 or even 100. And while cleaning away visible dirt each day will make it look neat and tidy, some… Read More

how to reduce stress at work
How to Reduce Stress at Work

Reducing Stress at Work is important for everyone. Stress in the workplace is common. Whether you love or hate your job, you’re going to experience stressful situations during your day or week. Stress is not always a bad thing. Some stress is actually good for you. It can help you stay alert, energetic, and more… Read More

ways to improve office culture
Ways to Improve Your Office Culture

Creating a positive work environment is one of the most important elements to building a successful business. Happy employees are not only willing to put extra effort into their job, but they are less likely to leave. A positive workplace is even more important to job seekers than a higher salary, excellent benefits package, or… Read More

reduce office waste and save money
How To Reduce Waste In Your Office

Waste is a global problem. It’s damaging to not only a business’s revenue but also the environment. The average person produces 4.4 pounds of disposable waste every day. Most of that trash can be recycled, and other items can be replaced with reusable products. As a business owner, it’s important to reduce your company’s carbon… Read More

Commercial Cleaning Services Tips & Tricks

Whether it’s an office building, a retail outlet, conference hall or healthcare facility, a clean environment is a must for the safety and peace of mind of employees, tenants, and visitors. Commercial cleaning companies have their procedures and their processes, but most also have tips and tricks that you can benefit from to keep your… Read More

What is the Most Effective Way to Clean Your Office?

Even though the sight of a cluttered desk and messy office space may give the impression that important work is being done, it’s really not conducive to a productive work environment. A clean office helps to de-clutter the mind and pave the way for creativity and efficiency over the course of the workday. It’s also… Read More

Tips to Decrease the Dirt of Winter Coming into Your Office

As the cold weather rolls in, Canadians understand the impending weather conditions that await such as snow and slush. However, with these conditions, more cleaning has to be done to keep spaces in an orderly state. High-traffic areas, which generally see lots of people flowing in and out, are the most vulnerable to the effects… Read More

The Effects Winter Can Have on Your Office Floors

Once winter arrives, people must endure the snow, freezing rain, and terrible weather conditions that the cold winter months bring. With those conditions comes seasonal office cleaning as well. In a high-traffic environment like an office, debris and damage are likely to accrue because of dirt, sand, snow, slush, and especially salt being tracked in… Read More

Are Janitorial Businesses Successful?

If owning your own business is something that gets you excited for the future, you aren’t alone. More and more people are deciding to avoid the conventional way of earning a living and work for themselves, instead.   And while it may not be a lot of peoples’ career goal to have a successful janitorial… Read More

Office Cleaning Services Include What Type of Cleaning?

People are constantly flowing in and out of office spaces and corridors. An office is a space that is shared with employees, occasional visitors, and guests, and people are always in contact with things in this space. Work areas, desks, phones, fax and copy machines, door handles, and many other objects are all touched and… Read More

How Do Commercial Cleaning Contracts Work?

  If you are the owner of a cleaning company, it is just smart business to create commercial cleaning contracts for each of your customers. Since commercial cleaning is an industry where your employees will likely have access to expensive equipment, computers, and sensitive information, having a contract that addresses these kinds of things is… Read More

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